OUR MISSION (aim) and responsibility is to gather your ideas and wants and mold them into a place where you can be totally comfortable and proud of

OUR PERSPECTIVE is that every property is unique just as every person is an individual

OUR EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE applies to a large scope: residential, commercial, public, government. Site nanny.

OUR APPROACH This is your yard, your property, your domain. It needs to fit your personality and your desires. .

There are many styles and features possible for your project. How do we select from all the multitude of ideas?
- By listening to you and blending in our years of experience, the office will explore numerous options and present alternatives for your review.
• Together, we will select the most appropriate parts of the alternatives and create a master plan.
• Based on the master plan, the office will prepare bidding documents for potential contractors.
• When the contractor has been selected, the office will visit the site at appropriate intervals to determine if the construction is following the plans.
• All parts of the team including you, this office, the contractor and his subcontractors may have additional ideas during the construction process. We will work with you to evaluate and implement extra appropriate improvements to the project.

OUR NETWORK is write a sentence here blabh blah blah

WE ARE BASED IN MARIN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA write a sentence here blabh blah blah


Don Wihlborg has been a licensed landscape architect for over 35 years with an extensive background IN SITE ANALYSIS AND NAVIGATING ALL TRADESMEN AND SPECIALIZED CONTRACTORS ONSITE DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE in landscape architecture and a side specialization in irrigation design. He has designed hundreds of projects in the arenas of single family residences, multifamily housing, shopping centers, schools, PLAYFIELDS, parks, GOLF COURSES, BOCCE COURTS, office complexes, hotels, GOVERNMENT AND VA PROJECTS, all for private and public groups. He has been designing irrigation systems since 1968 and has designed numerous systems in the Middle East as well as hundreds THOUSANDS in the United States.

His ability to communicate well in working with home owners, developers, contractors, schools, neighborhood communities and government agencies has facilitated successful completion of his projects. Don’s expertise as a landscape architect and irrigation designer AND SITE HANDLER is a rare combination professionally.


B.L.A. University of Oregon – Bachelor of Landscape Architecture -1974


Wihlborg Design, Principal, 1989 – Present

Irrigation Designs, Principal, 1982 – Present

Thompson Wihlborg, Ltd., Principal, 1982 – 1989

EckboKay Associates, Project Manager, 1980-1982

John Hollenbeck Associates, Office Manager, 1979-1980

EDAW, INC., Associate, 1978-1979

Royston, Hanamoto, Beck and Abey, 1975-1978

Ruff, Cameron, Lacoss and Associates, 1974

United Pipe and Supply, Irrigation Designer, 1970-1973

Robert L. Woerner, A.S.L.A., 1968-1969


Landscape Architect, State of California #1639